Larry Johnson at Raven Row

Larry Johnson at Raven Row


2 thoughts on “Larry Johnson at Raven Row

  1. At surface value, this work is extremely stunning and easy to engage in. The way it is shot and scanned draws the viewer in, wondering exactly what is going on and how the artist created this work. I enjoy that the artist is expressing his view on LA in such a non direct way. It is also interesting that his following and popularity is more based in London than the US, especially being that he is making work about a US city.


  2. I agree. I thought that was also very interesting about his audience, since it is so specifically about LA. I wish he would engage more with the work that was included in the article, “Untitled (Meters).” I feel that this is one of the strongest pieces and evokes the city without being so upfront. I love the way he is using light and shadow in this piece, specifically. This piece feels less design-based, in comparison to his other work.


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