A Polychromatic Playground of Inflatable Sculptures



3 thoughts on “A Polychromatic Playground of Inflatable Sculptures

  1. Before reading the article on Ashley’s work I was already captivated by the images of this work. The bright colors and odd textures excited me and I desired to be present with the sculptors. She states her intent for the work and I would say that she has achieved “humorous, visceral, and empathetic connections between the viewer and the object”. I particularity enjoy where her work is being displayed, not only the location but the vibe from inside the gallery creates an additional juxtaposition between the large floppy sculptors and the urban detritus of Detroit.


  2. I found this article to be interesting both in the piece itself, and its location. I was initially drawn to this article when I saw that the piece was located in Detroit, Michigan. After reading, I found her use of color and medium to be an interesting way to convey her own concepts of viewer interaction and participation.


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