Thomas Lawson


2 thoughts on “Thomas Lawson

  1. His conceptualization behind his works is interesting. Both in the message and topics he is trying to convey but also in how he thinks about the medium and it’s involvement in how the piece is made. The way he talks about painting as being a “particularly rich medium” for the types of messages he is trying to convey was interesting to think about.


  2. This body of work is strong in both style and theme. Being that I make work about beauty standards, this work speaks to me strongly. I find it both moving and inspiring that a man is making work about beauty standards, while breaking them at the same time. I think the style of painting also reflects this idea. The work moves past simply breaking boundaries of beauty standards and moves into breaking the traditional roles of gender. It’s interesting, as he stated the work started with the word “dis-” and moved into disaster and displacement. I question if he has thought about how the work also bleeds into the idea of dysphoria of the body, as the image mentioned speaks loudly to the experience of gender queer identity.


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