A Woman Artist Who Turns Pornography into Painting



4 thoughts on “A Woman Artist Who Turns Pornography into Painting

  1. I find this work very interesting. The context that it was created versus the time that it gained recognition speaks to the changing times and views of sexuality and nudity. I find that these images, though more falling on the spectrum of porn versus fine art, speak loudly to feminism as the works were created by a woman who found the porn from her husbands illegal collection. Though vulgar, they are stunning works.


  2. This article is vulgar but I posted it because I liked the juxtaposition of how this was originally porn which is seen in a sexual way and then artist Betty Tompkins turned it into art switching our viewpoint from the sexual view to an artist view.


  3. I am interested what her work does for the female community, is this meant to be informative or to dilute the idea of sexuality and sex education as a perversion? Personally, i’d rather talk about sex and to see sexual images (however, not sexualized images) in order to create a productive conversation on a natural part of our genetic make up. These images shouldn’t scare people anymore…although they are massive in scale

    Also her process seems very time consuming, so their must be passion behind these images (no pun intended). Her curiosity of human anatomy comes through in such detail in textures and tones.

    I don’t see the consumer market for it, but i like the topic it forces people to think about.


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