Live Parakeets and Bullfrogs Amid the Wreckage of War


2 thoughts on “Live Parakeets and Bullfrogs Amid the Wreckage of War

  1. I love the way that Martin Roth creates a poetic narrative through installation. He really hits the idea of displacement, both with using rubble from the Syria and Turkey border, and placing these wild animals, bullfrogs and parakeets, into the space as well. The video really changes the way I think about this piece as well, because it very much has to be experienced to hear the sounds of the water, walking over the rubble, and the parakeets flying around the room and chirping. I am really inspired by this work!


  2. I like that Mark Roth is playing with many different themes. Upon viewing, immediately their is a clash of the art gallery, industrial wreckage and pet birds ( which are alluding to the home and nature, i assume). That combination lead my mind to think about how those things fuse. So for example, how we use art to comment on everyday life, and with this, there could be an argument made about how humans are destroying the natural world. To add to that, a point could be made about human on human destruction, whether it be through wars, climate change, or dilapidated infrastructure due to a failing economy (see Detroit)..there is a responsibility we must take for destroying everything we inhabit. His words on impermanence and the fact that some of this rubble is from the Syrian border really enforces a political message about human on human destruction and how quick someones life can change. I also like that this is and aftermath installation, where the audience can walk through the rubble like so many do in war and politically torn areas.
    Equally poignant and captivating.


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