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  1. That’s insane! I couldn’t imagine investing all that time, money and trust to only get screwed over.
    I understand that people can get cheated out and played a fool, but I guess i never thought of a gallery doing so just because that they are handling some many different peoples work and interacting with important collectors. It seem that the risk would be too great to try to scam anyone. More interestingly was everyone else’s apathy toward their predicament when she suggested that they fight back. I am curious as to why she didn’t get her money back when she did go through with suing them; on what ground did she not deserve he money back?
    Can’t be naive in the art world!


  2. Wow! This is an incredible story, and also horrific. I’m curious about how often these types of situations occur between artists and unlawful gallery owners. It really pushes the fact that you absolutely need to make sure you have a contract with your gallery and extra copies on hand, even though that may not result in repayment in the end, it is still extremely important.


  3. I posted this article because it puts into perspective different roles in the art community. As aspiring artists we need to remember that because that someone owns a gallery and wants to exhibit our work doesn’t mean that they have the best intentions for us, our work, our their own business.


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