Art Bookstore Printed Matter Has New Home


2 thoughts on “Art Bookstore Printed Matter Has New Home

  1. I wasn’t aware of the history of Printed Matter until reading this article, and it was exciting to learn that it was started by Sol LeWitt and Lucy Lippard. While we were in New York, I visited the new space, which recently relocated after being devastated by Hurricane Sandy. It was great to see the collection of artists books, it’s own kind of gallery showcasing the work of so many people. I really liked this quote by David Senior, “In the context of an art market that can now feel really alienating to artists in New York, it is a really important meeting place where a community of artists, designers and publishers can develop relationships and see itself.” I definitely felt this resonated in the space, because of Printed Matter being a nonprofit organization, more centered on dissemination, understanding, and appreciation of artists’ books rather than money.


  2. It was cool reading this article after visiting with Jeff Abshear in the book arts center. I can see how much passion it takes to take up the process of book making and this article was nice to learn about the history behind it.


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